Scorecarding made easy!

Is your wholesaler/distributor Scorecard process painless and accurate? Be honest. It's ok to say no; we have a solution for you. ValueCentric Scorecard module provides an automation process that is stable and consistent, presents only the exceptions, and the data is updated daily.

On top of that, it is easy to set-up within ValueTrak, and we have consultants ready to help you every step of the way.

Our Scorecarding module will become your best SOP; it can seamlessly transition you from historical, dependent processes to fully-automated, auditable processes nearly overnight.

By removing human errors and spreadsheet glitches, the automated Scorecard provides a stable, consistent platform including calculations that can be integrate your X factory sales and other channel data assets. Plus, it allows you to transfer the responsibilities within your team without losing consistency.

We know everyone's time is valuable, so the Scorecard module presents only the exceptions. Instead of your team spending hours gathering and analyzing contract data. Their time can be spent proactively acting upon the exceptions, proactively working with your distribution partners to resolve or "waive" exceptions within the Scorecard module.

Scorecard Audits can be painful, but not for those who use ValueTrak’s Scorecard. Our module has a built-in audit detail trail. Those who are "waiving" exceptions enter the details into the scorecard system so that, during auditing, all the details will be within the Scorecard; one clean, neat report for audit reviews.

Are you wondering, what will it take to get your scorecards up and running? In most cases, your ValueTrak 852 Sales and Inventory data is all that is needed. What are you waiting for, end your contract misery now by reaching out to our Scorecard consultant Mark Polidoro now!

Do you still want to learn more, click here to check out a few more features.

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