Get more out of your Scorecard!

While the core use of our Valuecentric Scorecard is to monitor and report distributor’s performance against their contract parameters and to calculate payments, you can use the Scorecard to test additional parameters you’re considering for inclusion in new contracts. Yes, that is right, the system is future-proofed for your next generation of agreements and is even flexible enough to help you get there! 

The data captured for current Scorecards can be used to develop and test new agreements. By analyzing current and historical xFactory Sales, 852 Sales and Inventory data and 867

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Detailed Sales Reporting data sets against desired performance metrics, you can develop and test new contract parameters to inform future contract discussions with your trading partners.

Because there is no limit on the number of scorecards you configure, there is no additional cost for you to test scorecards in ValueTrak.


Use your data and Scorecard module to help build a positive manufacture distributor relationship!